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Blaze of Glory

"An entertaining mixture of drama and equine action."
- Publishers Weekly

"Blaze of Glory is a wonderful young adult romance with horses, teen angst, drama, and more. A well-written and enthralling novel - I can't wait to see what rising star M. Garzon has in store next!"
- Wendy Hines, Minding Spot

"This isn't just a horse book. It's a great read about life and love."
- Jerri Reason,

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Look Twice:

"What is it with these books? I picked up Blaze of Glory on a whim, and fell in love with it. I've waited very impatiently for the next book, and got it as soon as M.Garzon posted about it on Facebook today. And again, I'm in love with this book! There were a few typos here and there, but not too big a deal. It's hard not to love such strong, well done characters. I love how strong and unique Tea is, I love her connection with horses, her brother, and of course Jaden. And what's not to love about Jaden? Meow! It was great to learn more about Seth, and I'm really hoping to see him find some happiness in the next book. So, now I need the next book. Now. Please?!"
- Jessica, Goodreads

"Look Twice is the follow-up to M. Garzon's smash success debut novel Blaze of Glory, which tells the story of Tea, a young, talented jumper rider from Canada. If you haven't read Blaze of Glory, it's a must before jumping into this novel. Highly developed characters and a steamy family scandal are weaved into well-written equestrian plot lines. Like any good protagonist, Tea is headstrong and passionate, both about her love life and her horses. This pair of books is suggested for teens 14 and up, but every age group will be sucked into this very readable novel."
- Horse & Style Magazine

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Renaissance Man:

Book Released October 2013 - Reviews Coming Soon.