Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What made you become a writer?

A: My muse said I had to. Seriously. She is relentless and pitiless and wouldn't allow me to sleep until I had most of Blaze of Glory written.


Q: Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

A: I'll actually steal Nike's advice: Just Do It. Don't worry about rules or genres or getting published, when the urge to write strikes, just blurt it all out. You can pretty it up later. The important thing is to grab on to the creative energy as it's flowing through you.


Q: Are you planning to write more books after the Blaze of Glory series?

A: Yes, I've started to write a kid's horse book with my children (I'm still unclear as to how I got talked into that…). After that I plan to write a fantasy series.


Q: Do you have questions available for book clubs?

A: Yes, please contact me and I will forward them.